Mar 2, 2009


For all of you who are wondering, Yes, we are still alive! To say the least I just can't seem to keep up with it all, work, school, motherhood, fun, friends, facebook, and blogging. Something has to give, and well, it has been the blog amongst most other things these past few months. I'm sure most of you want the update on Owen, he is doing great! He is getting so big, my last post, in October YIKES, he was barely mobile from what I remember. You can't keep him still now. We call him our little monkey. He is crawling like a speed demon, he pulls up on anything and everything. He does laps around the couch and his crib. He is getting brave and even trying to stand by himself. We are suspecting sooner than later he will be walking. Then we'll really have to watch out! He has discovered the stairs. It has become a favorite past time of his to go up the stairs (he still hasn't figured how to come down without falling). He can wave bye-bye, clap his hands, and do the sign for "more". He says ma-ma and da-da, we're pretty sure he knows what it means. Owen absolutely LOVES Greg, every time daddy walks into the room Owen races over to him, and when daddy leaves the room I'm pretty sure our neighbors can hear Owen scream. Along with the positive developments come the bad...Owen has discovered how to throw a fit when he doesn't get his way. He becomes a rag-doll and flings himself around while screaming. Loads of fun! Some of Owen's favorite things right now include: Baby Einstein Videos, real bananas, daddy, reading books, walking with his walker, going for walks outside, his puppy blanket, and anything he can put in his mouth. Owen's dislikes are getting his diaper changed, vegetable beef baby food, and getting his fingers dirty. Owen has two bottom teeth and one top tooth. We are still in disbelief that he will be a year in less than a month. We can't image our lives without our little man.

Greg and I are also doing fine. Greg finished his classes for his graduate degree in December. I will finish in May, we both have our commencement in May. We are so excited to have this part of our life over. We want our weekends back. We continue to stay busy with work. Greg is teaching 4th grade through the end of the year, and then who knows? Due to budget cuts he is not getting renewed:(

I'm posting a bunch of pictures starting with Christmas to the most current ones we have. Enjoy!!

Owen on Christmas

Is he the son of teachers or what? He loves his books!

Munchin' on a treat

Army Crawl

Splishin' and splashin' with my monkeys

Just hangin with my toys

Owen watching Baby Einstein

Making the house my own

Happy Family

Nov 1, 2008

Happy Halloween

Owen had a fun time hitting his pumpkin, other than that it was a pretty uneventful Halloween. We walked around our block with him and then came home and passed out candy. Next year will be much more fun for Owen and us.

Daddy and Owen


What is this thing?

Hangin' with pumpkin

Oct 25, 2008


Owen has changed so much in the past few months! It is unbelievable how much babies change and grow in their first years of life. Owen has gone from not doing much of anything, to moving all over the place and gaining a personality. He has also gone from being a skinny little baby to having a round belly, thunder thighs, and cankles. At his 6 month appointment he weighed 16 lbs and was 27 in tall. Now at 7 months, I think he has well surpassed his 6 month numbers. He is such a chunk!
Two days after his 6 month appointment, Owen got pink eye, accompanied by a cold. This was difficult for Greg and I. We went from having a baby who has always been a good sleeper, to a baby who woke up several times a night (this also lent itself to us not getting unpacked). After 3 weeks of Owen not sleeping through the night, we'd had it! We took him to the doctor and his little cold had turned into a sinus infection. We started the antibiotic that day, all three of us slept through the night:)
Owen has become quite the mover. He started rolling over at his 6 mo appointment. I told the Dr. I was concerned that he wasn't rolling over, she had me put him on the table on his belly and wouldn't you know it, the kid just flipped right over. Ever since that day he hasn't stopped rolling. He often will start on one side of the living room and before Greg or I do much, he is across the room into something he shouldn't be. The days of leaving things on the floor are over! Owen loves to sit up and watch everything from a new perspective. He spent the first 5 months of his life on his back, and now he is ready for a new view, he lunges forward and then rocks back enjoying every moment until he falls over...then it's a new story. He has also discovered standing up. He loves to stand up and look around. With a little support from either Greg or I, he enjoys standing against the couch. Owen is completely fascinated by his hands. It is so funny to watch him slowly move each finger and study the movement as he does it. He has become so funny at eating time as well. He begins breathing hard, kicking his legs, and reaching for the bottle whenever he sees it coming. We started him on baby food shortly after my last post. He LOVES his rice and oatmeal cereal. He also enjoys bananas, pears, and sweet potatoes. He'll eat with a little less tolerance squash and yogurt. We have given him little puff cereal and he'll chomp on it. Sometimes he'll do okay with it and other times he dry heaves and we have to dig it out.
Owen is also very aware of what he wants and likes. He is obsessed with my watch. Everyday when I get home from work, he starts to grab at it. Once I take it off it is his personal chew toy. If I take it away, he screams and cries until I give it back. This is the only item he seems to not want to give up. Everything else we can distract him, but there is no distraction from the watch. He also loves to watch Baby Einstein videos. When in need, we can put a video on, and leave the room. Owen becomes paralyzed by the images on the TV.
Both Greg and I were able to spend a week with him over each of our Fall Breaks. Everyday he becomes more and more fun!
We can't wait for more fun to come with him!

Way back when I couldn't sit on my own: August

Go BRONCOS! October

As I was getting pictures ready for the post, it made me realize that we have not taken very many pictures over the past few months. I need to be much better.

Sep 18, 2008


I don't even know where to start, other than the last 3 or 4 months (ever since my last post) have been incredibly busy!...(If you look at the post date, you can see it has taken me over a month to put this post together.) Greg and I purchased a home..YEAH! However, up until the closing day we weren't sure if we were going to get the home. The owners had another mortgage on the home that got bypassed somehow. The bank said they wouldn't accept our offer. We had to be out of the home we were renting by September 1, and we found that out around the 2nd to last week in August. As we were frantically deciding what to do, they called us the last week of August with a closing date for that week. We moved in with Greg's parents for 2 weeks while we did work on the house. Other than the ceiling, if you see paint, we painted it. It is nice to know all the walls are clean and our own color choice, but it was a pain in the @#?!. We also ripped out the floors in both bathrooms and the kitchen. We had tile put into the bathrooms and Pergo floors in the kitchen and entryways. After we moved into the house, it took us a good three weeks to get the boxes unpacked. Between our school schedules on the weekend and our work schedules, it seemed we never had time. It is so nice now to finally be unpacked and settled. There are no decorations and we still need furniture for the living room. But, we are in a home of our own, and we love that! (We'll post new pictures of the house, when and if we ever get around to making it pretty.)

Kitchen Before

Kitchen After

Living Room Before...Greg's mom and Owen ready to paint!

Living Room After....someday we'll get furniture

Owen's Room Before

Owen's Room After

Family Room...we just put a fresh coat of paint in this room, same color

Master Bedroom Before

Master Bedroom After

Jul 25, 2008

4 months

Owen went to his 4 month appointment on Monday, 21st. He is doing well and is on track with his development. He was 25 inches long and 12.6 lbs. He was in the 50% for height and only 10% for weight...tiny guy:) The doctor wasn't worried about his weight and said he'd catch up eventually. He got 5 shots and an oral vaccination. Talk about a sad baby. He was fine once the the shot was over. The doctor said we can start Owen on solids (baby food) any time now. He gave Owen a silver spoon for this special occasion. We are still hesitant to start him, we don't want him to grow up.
Owen continues to amaze us everyday. He has started transferring toys from one hand to the other, he still loves to have his hands, toes, toys, towels and whatever else he can find in his mouth. He has been rolling from side to side more often, but still hasn't completely rolled over yet. Nearly every morning when Greg or I go to get him out of bed, he is no where near the position we left him in the night before. When he rolls from side to side he inches his way around. Most of the time he has done a 180 degree turn and is facing the opposite direction we put him in, or has done a 90 degree turn and instead of laying horizontally he is vertical in the narrow part of the crib. He has also discovered his voice and loves to babble. Every once in awhile, he will use the sounds "ma" it is fun when he does that. He recognizes Greg and I, whenever he sees us he gets a huge smile on his face. Nothing beats that feeling. He is such a fun little man and we love being with him. Both Greg and I are already thinking about how hard it will be to go back to work in just a few weeks. It's hard to imagine that one person can bring such joy and love into your life.

*sorry the video is so grainy, I had to take it on my phone. Every time we get the camera out he stops "talking", because he is so interested in the camera.

Jul 17, 2008

Utah or Bust!

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This past weekend we took a quick trip to Utah to see my family. Owen did such a fabulous job the entire time we were there. He took his first airplane ride and did wonderfully. He didn't seem to know the difference between land and air. We got to Utah Friday night, we just hung out and had dinner. Saturday morning we had family pictures, which ended up being pretty painless. After pics, we headed to my brother's house and the boys played X BOX, while us girls played with the kids and chit chatted. That evening, we headed down to see my grandma. She was able to see and hold Owen for the first time, she was so excited. After dinner, we headed to a rodeo. We're not the cowboy type, but it was fun to see. Owen slept through it all...I guess he's not the rodeo type either. On Monday we all headed to Boondocks for the day. We had a great time! We played on the bumper boats..we all got soaked, raced on the go karts, hit some balls at the batting cages, played laser tag, and hit the links with mini golf. We also got to catch up with some old friends. On Tuesday, we met with Jason and Amanda and their two kids (thanks for driving down). Greg was also able to see a friend he went to massage school with. We had a good time with all and can't wait to see everyone again.

Jul 8, 2008

4th of July

Owen really had a great time on the 4th. We went shopping in the morning, he wore his little hat to protect him from the sun, isn't he a cutie! We went to a firework show and lacrosse game at Invesco Field. Owen loved it all, he wouldn't go to sleep because there was so much going on around him. He watched the fireworks intensely as daddy covered his ears. We're glad Owen enjoyed the fireworks, because we thought they sucked.